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Welcome to Chilly Willy's

Chilly Willys delivers a highly individual and personal service for all Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems. We specialise in all aspects of Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems, including inspection, maintenance and repair. Our services incude recharging, diagnostic & full repair services. Our feedback suggests customers like our open friendly service and convenient appointment times. They also like our thorough attention to detail and see us as good value for money.

We see up to 1000 Air Conditioning Systems in a year. This helps us diagnose any problems quickly and accurately and assists efficient repairs.

Any System, Any Size, Any Age

Winter is the enemy of any mobile Air Conditioning System. An unloved system may become porous letting gas out and moisture in. The moisture eats expensive bits.... There will be tears if this happens ! A small 20% reduction in fluids can begin a cycle of deterioration.

Solution: Service the system every two years and replace the desiccant pack.

The escape route for any heat in any mobile Air Conditioned environment is an Evaporator. This is a cold box created by flowing gas usually located alongside the heater. Heat, water, and no daylight provide an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Left unattended fungus grows on this element discharging an unpleasant odour through the heating ducts. This may lead to 'sick car syndrome' where occupants experience nausea, headaches and a dry throat.

Solution: All Vehicle systems occasionally require a fungus munching treatment to eliminate this condition.

We like what we do and we like to do it well Chilly Willys "Licensed to Chill"

Full Workshop Facilities

All manufacturers recommend routine Air Conditioning System maintenance.

Setting New Standards For the Industry

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Optimum performance is achieved by regular maintenance.The system is pressurised using gas just like a fridge Unlike a fridge the mobile Air Conditioning system is placed in a very hostile environment and exposed to heat and vibration from the engine.

A well maintained Air Conditioning System should remove humidity to a comfortable level. Humans feel most comfortable in a temperature of about 21 celcius with a moisture content of about 40%, which is about the same as a warm cup of tea.

A well maintained Air Conditioning System will deliver purified-dehumidified-bacteria free air.

  • Save Fuel
  • Reduce travel fatigue
  • Aid demisting in cold and wet weather
  • Stop pollen-pollutents and allergens circulating
  • Sustain clear, healthy air

Why choose us?

  • We do not cut corners with maintenance schedules. Ongoing care and maintenance is done to the highest of standards.
  • All our materials are fresh and the best grade we can buy. Using high quality parts is essential in providing a great, long lasting system.
  • We do not do unnecessary work and the work we do is GUARANTEED - giving you peace of mind and trust in our work.

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